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  • Aloha Everyone! This is Ferner's Kapua Makanani. Her name means "Little Blossom with beautiful eyes" in Hawaiian. I gave her Jennifer's Kennel, or the Breeder name formally on paper because we are very proud of where Kapua came from and wanted it listed for Show. First let me say I spent hours researching and interviewing breeders. When I came upon Ferner's Bulldogs and saw Kapua's eyes, I fell over in love and called immediately. I questioned about the puppies, parents, kennel conditions, general health and vet checks, shots, etc.,etc.,etc. Jennifer was incredibly friendly,knowledgeable, and her background as a Vet Tech proved to be sound! I would know in my heart if this breeder was excellent if she asked ME questions and checked my references. She did! *( but it was more upon my request so she knew who Kapua was coming to)* Jennifer did say later that she knew I would be a great mom and "Maki" would come to a great family who loved her. Ferners breed English Bulldogs for the love of the breed, for quality, for disposition or temperament, and conformation. However, because Jennifer loves these babies, not one is ugly but truly beautiful to her & her mom. Jennifer has been known to nurse and care for sickly stray dogs right back to health... and then she keeps them! ha ha!! She is a wife, a mom of FOUR CUTE KIDS, a daughter, a friend... but more than anything, a sister to me. They are truly "ohana" to us, [extended family]. Kapua is our "Kaipo Hula Dog" [Sweetheart]. She loves the beach or being outdoors. She is such a playful, happy, loving girl. She loves her PomWaWa brother, Henry who is tiny next to her! Every time we're out in public, people say she's beautiful and sweet. They ask if I'm going to breed her; instead, I had them one of Ferner's business cards! I can't say enough how much we love Kapua and how much she loves us too! Thank You Ferner's for AMAZING ENGLISH BULLDOGS! Mahalo,

    Dr. Coloma
    Danville, Ca.

  • Here are some pictures of our beautiful bulldog Stella. We brought her home in August of 2008. She's doing great, and she turned a year old in May. She is the most tolerant, loving dog. She loves children, and nobody is a stranger, except the UPS man. We love her and are hooked on bullies for life! Seriously, I'm a cat person, and this dog has become my closest companion. My husband surprised me with her for our anniversary. I didn't find out until I looked at your site and saw where 'Pudge'(what you called her) was going to go live. Thanks for the incredible dog, and help with facilitating the best gift ever.


    P.S. We would be so curious as to how her sisters are doing, 'Butterball' and 'Chunk'!

  • I first purchased Mazzie Mae through Ferners Bulldogs almost 2 years ago. She is my first dog ever so I knew nothing about the breed or care at all. Jennifer was exceptionally helpful throughout the whole process which being in another state was very comforting to me. Mazzie is my little princess, she is very smart and fun loving. After having Mazzie for about a year, I decided that I needed to get her a sister so I instantly called Jennifer and purchased Ava Marie, my little baby. Mazzie and Ava are known as Hornell Golf Club’s Mascots. Both dogs are very healthy and I constantly have people commenting on how beautiful my babies are and how unique their personalities are. Personally, I would never purchase a bulldog from another breeder other than Ferners, I have had nothing but great experiences and still 2 years later, if I have a question I just pick up the phone and call Jennifer so I thank y ou for being so caring and for giving me the two greatest babies!


  • Bogey is doing just GREAT! He is almost 2 1/2 and is just as sweet at when we first met. My vet has commented as to how well he was bred. He is very happy and healthy. He is the star of the neighborhood! We have a lot of other dogs in the neighborhood and we have frequent play dates. Bogey just loves being around other dogs and people, he loves the attention.


  • I spent many hours doing research on the internet looking at countless breeders and puppies. When I came across Jennifer's website and was able to actually see small videos of the puppies playing and how well the puppies were treated, I knew she was the right breeder for us. We had Oliver flown in to the Kansas City airport in February of 2008 and had no problems or complications at all. He is definitely a character and focal point for the entire family. He loves his skateboard, his ball, and his chew bones. People always give compliments on how good looking of a Bulldog he is, and he loves the attention he gets from everyone. I highly recommend watching some of the videos and talking with Jennifer to match yourself up with a puppy. Jennifer did a wonderful job with us and I know that she will treat you and your puppy the same.


  • Sarge is now 16 month old, and one of a kind bulldog. He is the most unique friend a person will ever come across. Sarge has a very rare personality, and is the most warm, loving caring friend one can ever have. We are very proud and lucky to have come across Ferner Bulldogs. Sarge traveled from Knoxville.Tenn, To Prince Albert Sask. He was flown in, with the utmost care and love. Not only did they give us the most precious animal, we could ever ask for, they were also the most kindest caring people to deal with. They are always around, To answer any question’s we have and always take the time to help us however they can. Ferner’s has a special way, with each of their Bulldogs, and Sarge came to us, from a very kind, loving environment. I do not have enough words, to thank them , for everything they have done for us, and still always there to help us with Sarge. Thank You Ferner’s

    Weisgerber Family

  • This is Miller. He lives in sunny Florida! He is now about 6 months old. He is a very smart boy! He has learned almost all of the names for each of his toys. He can sit, lay down, shake, and give high-fives! He loves little kids and other dogs. He even likes cats but they are never too fond of him! He also loves to sit in chairs like a good boy when we are at an outside restaurant or on the computer. The vet and other bulldog owners always comment on how handsome he is! He is now anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new brother, also coming from FernersBulldogs!